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Pine River State Bank



The original Bank Charter was issued to Farmers State Bank of Guthrie in Guthrie, MN. Guthrie Township is located in Hubbard County.

Charter issued to Guthrie


The population of Guthrie Township had dropped tremendously by the year 1935. At the same time, the town of Pine River was without a bank. The owners of Farmers State Bank of Guthrie applied to the State to move the bank charter to Pine River and changed the name to Pine River State Bank. The bank opened their doors in Pine River in November 1935.

Charter issued to Guthrie


The bank, which had been leasing space in the Gardiner Hardware building, moved to a new location on the corner of Park Avenue and Second Street in Pine River.



The Emily Branch opened their doors June 2, 1980.



Pine River State Bank was purchased by a group of investors headed by Charles Nelson.

Charles Nelson


The Breezy Point Branch opened in May of 1995.

The Breezy Point


The Pine River State Bank building was donated to the Pine River Library at the end of 1998, but the bank didn't move to the new location until a few years later in 2001 due to the ongoing construction.



The Pillager Branch was opened June 15, 1999.

The Pillager Location


Pine River State Bank moved from their location on the corner of Park Avenue and Second Street to their new location at 103 Mill Street South in Pine River.

Barclay West development


The Nowthen Branch opened their doors August 15, 2005.

The Nowthen Location


Pine River State Bank celebrated their 100th anniversary!



Pine River State Bank has grown and evolved throughout the years, but continues to be "Your Community Partner" with a deep focus on customer service and ongoing involvement in our communities. We are a family-owned bank with three generations currently working in the bank. We wouldn't be where we are today without our dedicated team of employees, and we look forward to continued growth into the future.