Pine River State Bank

Mobile Banking FAQ’s

1. I am trying to log into Mobile Banking, but the questions that it is asking are not the ones I set up.

  1. Contact Pine River State Bank to verify enrollment in Online Banking AND Mobile Banking, the user ID, password, and verifications are the same.

2. I am not finding the Mobile Banking Application on my phone

  1. AppleStore- Search “Pine River State Bank Mobile Banking”
  2. GooglePlay (Android)- Search “PRSB Mobile Banking”

3. Can I Make Loan Payments on Mobile Banking?

  1. YES! To Pine River State Bank Loans
  2. If the option is not available, please Contact Pine River State Bank for activation

4. Can Bill Pay be accessed through Mobile Banking?

  1. NO

5. Can I do Mobile Deposits (Remote Deposit Capture)

  1. Not at this time--Coming Soon.

6. What is “SNAP BALANCE”?

  1. Enabling this feature will display a SNAP BALANCE Button on the login Screen. Pressing and Holding the SNAP BALANCE button allows the customer to quickly see the balance of an account WITHOUT Logging into the App. (*Note: Some Credentials are Stored on your mobile device when this feature is activated.)
  2. To Enable this feature, go to the Settings Tab of the Mobile Banking App.

7. Can I make Transfers between my Pine River State Bank Accounts?

  1. YES! Any Account on your Online Banking is visible in Mobile Banking
  2. If you are not seeing one of your accounts or transfers are not showing as an option, contact Pine River State Bank

8. Can I view copies of my paid checks in Mobile Banking?

  1. YES

9. Which Balance is my actual balance in Mobile Banking, Available or Real-Time?

  1. Available Balance! This balance includes any pending debit card charges.
  2. The Real-Time Balance is the Memo Balance.